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Twitter Web App : I like how everyone was walking in lockstep, all the way up to and past "Hugo Chavez rigged the election," but it took Lin Wood saying maybe we shouldn't vote in elections Hugo Chavez is rigging for some to say, "wait a minute."

Twitter Web App : Could there be a third option?

I mean, does Lin have a client seeking a pardon? Honestly, would there be a better way to get your client a pardon than going all in on "Trump was robbed?"


Twitter Web App : So what's the general consensus on Lin Wood: character actor attempting to pull off one of the most incredible political sabotage efforts of all time -- or genuinely nutty?

Twitter Web App : This is, by far, the stupidest moment in American politics in my lifetime, which is saying something given recent history, but fear not: it will almost certainly get dumber.

Twitter Web App : had my journalism kids practice ledes today. Gave a hypothetical of a school having to evacuate bc of a fire in the cafeteria. This response still has me cracking up

Twitter Web App : On another note, I did record a podcast a few years ago with one of the professors on the list -- my college adviser, the great conservative scholar Jeremy Rabkin


Twitter Web App : It's been a rough 12 months for profs on the list. Issac Kramnick also left us


Twitter Web App : A very fine prof. A liberal who idolized Oliver Wendell Holmes -- he bragged by once shaking the hand of Alger Hiss, who clerked for Holmes, he in some way had a connection to him -- he would assign conservative authors, like Bork. He didnt indoctrinate.


Twitter Web App : WH spox soon to correct: Bill Barr is at the White House. The attorney general is not.


Twitter Web App : Q: Who is the shortest serving AG in American history.

A: Whoever Donald Trump tweets today is taking over Bill Barr's job for the remainder of his presidency as Acting AG.