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iPhone : You can hear my voice on the new episode of NPRs Code Switch, reading a column that I wrote five years ago about the videos that show us black death, over and over again, and speaking a bit about how little has changed in America. Please give it a listen. n.pr/3gyTOf3

iPhone : Tom Marshall The search for the “good apples” is over, man. This is a systemic problem rotting the very roots of law enforcement. It makes everyone less safe for the institution to be this overmilitarized and prone to reckless and deadly violence. THEY should want reform more than anyone.

iPhone : If you think that the defunding and abolition of police, as an institution, shouldn’t be on the table for discussion: are you looking at America tonight? Are you watching how these police behave, without provocation, when faced with people merely demanding dignity and survival?

iPhone : The entire system of law enforcement needs to be pulled up from its roots and Americans need to move towards a restorative justice model. To those who say the abolition of police is inconceivable, I advise you to read some books about the institutions this country has set aside.

iPhone : George Floyd was murdered by four policemen, and with a few minor exceptions, we see the response of their law enforcement colleagues throughout the nation to the people demanding that this never happen again. With their actions, they are communicating everything we need to know.

iPhone : Ideally, the police would be the ones who should be worried about respectability politics, not the protesters. Perhaps Hollywood should stop lionizing law enforcement, and make more shows and films about people who try to build up their communities rather than intimidate them.

iPhone : What we’re witnessing, yet again, is what happens when police receive all of the tools of war and virtually none of the accountability for the violence that they perpetrate.

iPhone : When the president encourages police violence and also calls the press the “enemy of the people,” this is what happens. twitter.com/michaeladams31…

Twitter Web App : Revealing scene. Black woman trying to restrain young white men from mayhem outside Baltimore City Hall. She says they're placing African Americans at greater risk.

White guy's response: "They're going to kill you anyway!" twitter.com/thotzekage/sta…

Twitter Web App : Good to know you can be assaulted by the national guard & police should you dare to stand on your front porch. I guess it wasn't about protecting property and residences after all! twitter.com/tkerssen/statu…

Twitter Web App : Watching this country burn from coast to coast, it’s obvious people are angry. Yes, George Floyd touched this off. But let’s not forget: 103k+ are dead, most of them black and brown. 40 million people are unemployed. This is a nation in crisis.

iPhone : We’re drowning in videos of police abuse: cops cars running over protestors, an officer shoving a petite woman so hard she had a seizure, cops shooting rubber bullets at reporters on live TV.

It’s clear who is escalating violence.

iPhone : Don’t recall the president responding this way to the white nationalists who came to Charlottesville from across the country and helped turn a peaceful anti-racism rally violent. In fact, he called some of them “very fine people.”