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Twitter Media Studio : We work in Hollywood with the major studios and we encourage them to make films that are more faith & family-friendly…We push for faith content in films.

Robert Baehr, CEO of Movieguide, explains his company’s mission. #CPAC2021 CPAC 2021

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iPhone : The US, UK, EU, and #Taiwan have voiced concern at the #HongKong government’s subversion charges directed at 47 pro-democracy activists under #Beijing's draconian #NationalSecurityLaw on Sunday. theepochtimes.com/international-…

iPhone : Soon, we will start sending gifted kids up to end the alien menace. twitter.com/nypost/status/…

iPhone : Anyone who formed opinions about the Donald McNeil episode - his 45-year career was ended by rich teenagers' complaints - should read his 4-part explanation. Among other things, it shows how misleading it is when stories are told with only one side heard:


iPhone : “So as the congressman said the #Communist Party is a transnational criminal organization. Its the mafia but much worse.” --Gordon G. Chang, #CPAC202, CPAC 2021

Joshua Philipp has more in this FULL VIDEO: youtu.be/KOlFOydJVGk

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Twitter Media Studio : There was, in Oct. of 2020, a digital ethnic cleansing or what they call the purge, where YouTube… eliminated the big Trump-supporting video pages…

I raised $135,000 & sued YouTube…Thats still ongoing today, says Zach Vorhies, a Google whistleblower


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iPhone : Google and Facebook are a threat to journalism because they directly take money that used to go to newsgathering, and they distort the flow of information among users. Substack, so far, is the total opposite. twitter.com/ubiquity75/sta…

iPhone : #China
Triumphal ceremonies hailed #XiJinping’s victory in the “war on #poverty.” But data are either false or misinterpreted.“Poverty Has Been Eliminated in China”—Only, It Is Not True bitterwinter.org/poverty-has-be… #communistpropaganda

iPhone : The Amazon spokesperson wouldn’t respond to emailed questions on when the policy was adopted, what constitutes “hate speech,” and how Amazon’s customers were informed about the change. theepochtimes.com/amazon-quietly… The Epoch Times

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Iowa state legislature introduces a bill to ban critical race theory programs that traffic in racial stereotyping and collective guilt. The beauty of this legislation is that it would equally prohibit the old-style racism of the Klan and the new-style racism of CRT.

Twitter Web App : Also, note this troubling element of China's market warfare, Jan Jekielek:

China seems to be manipulating #Bitcoin and #Ethereum -- the assets that dictate a $1.5T market -- via coordinated sells.

Two popular traders, CryptosRus and ₿it₿oy, spotted the activity. twitter.com/JanJekielek/st…

iPhone : If mathematics is embedded in whiteness, nobody told the Chinese, who have outperformed American students on the PISA for years (bigthink.com/politics-curre…) bariweiss.substack.com/p/there-is-no-…

iPhone : NEW: Biden Won’t Release Virtual Visitor Logs Amid Calls for Transparency

An unidentified WH official confirmed to Politico that the Biden administration wouldn’t be releasing the virtual logs.


iPhone : Biden admin pressed by lawmakers to boycott the Beijing Winter Games unless it's relocated, over the CCP's rights abuses

“We don’t need another 2008 Olympics, which basically promoted totalitarianism. We do not need to do this again,” per Gordon G. Chang