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Bio I retweet a lot, but every once in a while Ill drop a nugget here and there. He/him.
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iPhone : You may feel dumb, but you are smart in your own way, everyone isn’t built to understand you.

Keep pushing 😃

iPhone : Stop glamorizing “the grind” and start glamorizing getting 7+ hours of sleep at night, having healthy relationships, feeling safe at work, taking sick days, being paid a living wage, working hard when you’re at work, boundaries, and self-caring your way to success.

iPhone : Does anyone else get extremely overstimulated by loud noises?! I have been noticing that when there’s too much noise going on I get super irritable and just lose my shit

iPhone : To all these people finding out I’ve been growing cannabis since 2016 I have this to say: if my brother John was a pothead, he’d be alive today. And that’s why I got into this. To heal my own trauma and help people get off opioids. That’s the “mission from God.”