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iPhone : Rolling average of deaths ‘continuing to decline’ says the medic. The yellow tick is going up. They’ve been Trumpised. Own tests not being met. Lockdown eased for political economic reasons with risk to public health. I just wish they would be honest about it.

iPhone : Helen Whately on #BBCQT claimed that care homes in England & Wales were a success, because the army werent brought in to help, like in Spain.

Over 16,000 care home residents have died.

Whately is the Minister for Social Care - it is her responsibility!


Twitter Web App : On BBC breakfast, Naga munchetty asks Mark drakeford "why aren't you following uk gov measures in England?"

His response, "I could ask you why England isn't following the other parts of the uk, England isn't a template for the rest of the UK to follow" pic.twitter.com/ePvkfzg3JL

Twitter Web App : Just in case you were ever in any doubt about the Tories bot capability, look at these. 😂
When the wall of phones goes wrong....
Share far and wide!?!?

Twitter Web App : Astonishing by Joanna Williams to tell SkyNews to discard the view of an Harvard and Oxford professor of epidemiology, in favour of her hunch about how viruses behave. Looked up her credentials in the field: they amount to precisely zero. She writes, OF COURSE, for Spiked Online.

Twitter Web App : If you're in any way confused about how America became a place where a reporter can get arrested for reporting... twitter.com/mrjamesob/stat…

Twitter Web App : I'm hearing that NHS planners have been asked to prepare for a second spike in July (but later, for some reason, in London).

That means they think you and your loved ones are going to catch Covid in June.

Don't say I didn't tell you.

Twitter Web App : Ireland's participation in UN Peacekeeping represents the longest unbroken record of any nation in the world. Since 1958, Irish peacekeepers have completed over 70,000 individual tours. Thank you to Ireland 🇮🇪 for the steadfast support. #PKday

Twitter Web App : I almost envy people who can look at the death toll, the rule-breaking aide & the hopeless Prime Minister & think: “Yep. That Johnson is a class act. Great government this.” I get tribalism, obviously, but I think we’ve moved squarely into cult territory now. It’s utterly tragic.

Twitter Web App : We now have recognition for the Good Friday Agreement in domestic UK immigration law

All Irish and British citizens born in NI will be treated as EU citizens for immigration purposes

But this is only the beginning

Our campaign continues

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Twitter Web App : England is lost.

Scotland, NI & Wales —save yourselves, and please take in as many English who did not vote for this sh1tshow & want no part of it as you can.

Cummings not resigning, PM not sacking him & the cover-up = the last straw. The fall from grace will be relentless now.

Twitter Web App : The PM blocking questions to Vallance and Whitty for their view on Cummings is completely wrong and the public will draw their own conclusions on it. Then he followed this up by blocking follow up questions from journalists, it’s Trumpesque and not a good look at all #coronavirus

Twitter Web App : Line-by-line of THAT emily m intro.

Where is the lie?

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Twitter Web App : Now the majority of British journalists are feeling like Carole Cadwalladr has for 2 years. Ignored, ridiculed, sidelined on matters of acute public interest.

But the marginalisation ends here. Time for all people of good faith to fight back against untruth and disinformation