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iPhone : Because schools are attended for 5-15 minutes at a time almost exclusively by adults.…

Twitter Web App : KIMBERLEY CHAVEZ LOPEZ BYRD of Gila County, Arizona, died of COVID-19 on June 26th. She was a dedicated schoolteacher who was teaching a virtual summer course with two other teachers, all from the same room. All three teachers were infected with the virus.…

iPhone : #RealityWinner—who served in the Air Force & rec’d a commendation for assisting in the capture of 100 enemy combatants—remains in prison 4 leaking the report that showed Trump was lying when he called Russian hacking a hoax. Manafort & Cohen have both been released early. 1/

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iPhone : Kathryn Joyce’s story on how an abusive father used a claim of “parental alienation” to win custody from his victim will horrify you. But notice, too, the incredible *reporting.* It’s exhibit A for why investigative journalism deserves support.…

iPhone : For the “1/100th” time? Does that mean you need to repeat this 99 more times before it becomes one whole load of shit?…

iPhone : To put this in context: my calculations found that banks made around $17 billion in profits off of the PPP.

Total federal spending on homelessness in the 2020 budget is $2.8 billion.…

iPhone : Half the employees of a ICE detention center (aka Immigrant jail) have tested + for #COVID19, and one guard has died of it.
No information provided regarding the detainees (aka children, moms, dads)…

iPhone : .Laurie Garrett on plans to reopen schools in the fall: “If we don’t have strict quarantine measures in place and strict safety protocols in place, we will see a cycle emerging through the school systems.”

iPhone : But all these countries share a few qualities.

They have leaders who responded to coronavirus early, honestly, respected science and expertise, and did not politicize the crisis.

Unlike Brazil, the United Kingdom and the United States.

iPhone : Successful countries responding to coronavirus:

Can be Rich (Norway)
or Poor (Greece)

Big (Germany)
or Small (New Zealand)

Democratic (Canada)
or Authoritarian (Vietnam)...

iPhone : A harrowing new story from the great Kathryn Joyce on how a woman’s allegations of domestic violence were used against her to take her kids away:…

iPhone : BALICIO LOPEZ, 42, of Phoenix, Arizona, died of COVID-19 in June. A father of five, his wife said he was healthy and did not have any underlying health conditions.

"To just know that none of us could say goodbye was so painful," she said.…

iPhone : BILLY and GLORIA COX of Wasco, California, both died within days of each other of COVID-19. Gloria died three days after being told her husband, who was in the same hospital with her, had passed away from the virus.…

iPhone : CYNTHIA TILLEY, 61, of North Myrtle Beach, Florida, died of COVID-19 on July 3rd. She spent her career as a nurse before a second act as an interior designer.

“This virus doesn’t care how old or young you are," said her daughter.

Via Hannah L. Strong…

iPhone : Summer camps with outbreaks are closing all over the country even as Trumpers— and some liberals — insist reopening schools are fine because kids don’t spread COVID-19. This is “these are not the droids you’re looking for” on a national and deadly scale.