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Bio I ♥️ Winnipeg. Coffee, beer, rum. Bacon, BBQ, music. Shop, eat, drink local. She/her/Grandma #SuperKlutz #Weirdo #SickNotWeak #BeBetter
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TweetDeck : It's nice that mandatory quarantine is in effect, but until there's guarantee that Mr and Mrs Spreadneck will be checked on upon re entry, colour me pessimistic

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iPhone : Any of my Twitter peeps know if there’s some spots on the east coast to stay overnight that has an outdoor hot tub? 😏😏

iPhone : ...and the people lapping this up is astonishing. Just about a year ago, the panel on The View lambasted her for her attack on Joaquin Phoenix, and today they’re singing her praises. #Hypocrites #BeBetter twitter.com/jennarndt/stat…

iPhone : Windbag who’s transphobic, homophobic, mocks people who’ve committed suicide, and people who have cleft palates, producing a ‘tell-all’ no one asked for, just to pay bills.
Hard pass on #WendyWilliams twitter.com/wendywilliams/…

iPhone : To badger: to harass or annoy persistently

To ferret: to find and bring to light by searching

To parrot: to repeat with mechanical or unthinking routine

iPhone : Happiest of Birthdays to Jordan Cieciwa!! Hope you have the best day and your pack treats you well!! 🥳🎉🎁🎈🐶💝

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