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iPhone : jodes 🏝 Her whatever she needs. She so far has surpassed that and likes to play together now (one year later) but just keeping in mind that we are just here to give you a loving home and what you need at your pace and communication and space is totally fine if that’s what they need.

iPhone : jodes 🏝 Maybe she’ll never be a sit right with me while I eat dog and that’s okay. With Bunny we just had designated alone toy time, we were just working towards if she’s a dog that wants to play alone, cool! Maybe she’ll never be a let’s play together dog and we are just here to give

iPhone : jodes 🏝 Well I’m glad she has a home with someone that’s willing to work with her! I’ve also found it helpful to keep a mindset of like, let’s work to get this to a reasonable level. If she is a dog that never wants to be bothered while eating, cool! We can work to get to that point but

iPhone : jodes 🏝 Your dog is growling at you when you just want to love them so bad. I promise you with patience and love and consistency it gets a lot better and resource guarding is pretty common and understandable for a lil doggy in a new place. Sending you love.