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iPhone : The EU never offered a two-year extension. Michel Barnier’s letter to MPs summarises the legal facts that extension is available if the UK wants one. The UK has been saying for months it doesn’t and that message is heard loud and clear in EU capitals.…

iPhone : EU #greenrecovery package sets a marker for the world

- bloc is showing the way in rebuilding coronavirus-ravaged economies to fight the climate emergency (tho critics say hard ban on polluting projects lacking)

Analysis by me

Frans Timmermans…

iPhone : This kind of shows the best and the worst of the EU at the same time.

The best: a formula worked out to ensure fairness, reliability and predictability, made public so everyone can see it.

The worst: it is completely incomprehensible to the average reader.…

iPhone : Brexit round 4 - the agenda for next week. And fisheries 🎣 gets four sessions. Plus first time to discuss governance of the level playing field - a toxic combination for 🇬🇧 💥…

TweetDeck : The cover of the Dutch rightwing magazine Elsevier this week.

For some reason, I have the feeling that again I will have lots of explaining to do to my hardworking & productive colleagues, friends & family in Italy & Spain.

iPhone : Oliver Grimm She said it twice in first reply to Q and then several times more... but not nearly as many times as she said ‘next generation’ as if there was a prize for getting it in every other sentence

TweetDeck : The plan that is also an instrument has pillars, and inside the pillars are windows, and the windows contain envelopes, not to be confused with the envelopes in the facilities. And the framework has been frontloaded while taking concrete steps on the roadmap. Hope that's clear.

TweetDeck : EC estimates on what new EU taxes/levies could bring in (per year)

*extension of emissions trading system €10bn
*carbon border adjustment €5-14bn
*tax on large companies €10bn
*digital tax €1.3bn
*plastic tax €3-4bn -9bn

Big ?? if MS will ever agree them.

TweetDeck : Does Mr Gove think the EU and Canada agreed all the thorny political questions in the first year and spent the next seven in fiery technical debates over Latin syntax?

The barriers to a deal are ALWAYS primarily political.…

TweetDeck : The commission wants to increase EU research budget to €95bn - €13.5bn extra under EU recovery plan. It's an area of the EU budget where the UK was a net beneficiary.

TweetDeck : Remember all those warnings that UK could be corralled into paying for the EU recovery plan.

The withdrawal agreement means the UK will not be asked to contribute to emergency recovery spending under current EU budget.
If transition extended, that is a separate negotiation.

TweetDeck : Ursula von der Leyen uses the expression "frugal four" twice. "I have very well studied the proposal of the frugal four."

So its practically an official name. Next there will be hashtags and banners.