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( ͡° ω ͡° ) ✧ (123/300) Cassius Stan ACAB/B-L-M

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Android : $600 is $15 an hour for 40 hours.

If someone is making more on unemployment, then the real problem is that their job doesn’t pay a living wage.

Android : thinking about sixth grade when we had a new kid from ireland who was super quiet at first and then one day he brought his fiddle to class and asked if he could play a song and we were like ???? but then he played toxic by britney spears and we all lost our shit

Android : I woulda lost it when that 3rd dog came out. Now you gotta pull over so I can meet them twitter.com/nowthatsbully/…

Twitter Web App : Funny how it's always "The Simpsons predicted the future" and never "We created ourselves a nightmare world beyond parody".

Twitter Web App : You learn something new every day...

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Twitter Web App : can we please appreciate the difference between these two manga caps. it’s hystetical i can’t explain why it just is.

Android : these lebanon carrds to "educate" have more stuff about hezbollah than israel & US imperialism that is continuously destroying lebanon please stop spreading them

Twitter Web App : I asked my moms opinion on Lutfis outfit and she said she didnt like the sweater and to cut a hole where his collar was but I didnt understand what she meant? Did she want me to give him a boob window LMAO