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iPhone : I love how horrified Leftists are about being run over or gunned down when they surround vehicles.

They legit cannot even fathom people who won’t just let them do as they please.

Don’t get in front of my truck. And do NOT approach my windows.

iPhone : That and others. IHeart podcasts all my shows. As does ITunes. Here’s the link:……

iPhone : Barely scratched the surface. The entire foundation of America’s economy has been utterly destroyed. When that dam breaks.....hang on.…

iPhone : National suicide. When all the destruction is done, and there is still a LOT more coming, no nation will ever consider a lockdown again.

America’s legacy will be a warning to future nations about what not to do.…

iPhone : Imagine if America’s medical community joined together at the beginning of COVID insanity and offered the one piece of medical advice that would save the most lives: “You’re too fat. Lose weight.”

Imagine how America would have FREAKED at confronting that elephant in the room.…

iPhone : Open your business today. Full capacity. If approached by authorities, tell them you’re having a memorial service for George Floyd and John Lewis.

iPhone : Nor I. I watched 70% of this country bend the knee without hesitation when told to do so.

I’ll believe this “silent majority” nonsense when it shows up.…

iPhone : I’m at the airport marveling at entire families in masks AND face shields. At least half the people here.

My word. We are so screwed.

iPhone : PRO TIP: Stop using hand sanitizer 20x a day, you absolute morons. You’re destroying your immune system.

I swear, it’s 2020 and we have the dumbest doctors in human history.