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Twitter Web App : JLM’s next youth & students event will be on the imminent annexation of West Bank territories.

We’re so lucky to be joined by Esther Craven from Yachad UK to give us some background. We’ll also have a discussion about youth responses to annexation.

See you there!

iPhone : LFI chair Steve McCabe has written for the The Jewish Chronicle opposing any annexation in the West Bank and setting out five tests for a measured and effective response from the UK.

Article and thread below 👇👇👇…

iPhone : Today was marked as the day when the Israeli government had planned to annex much of the West Bank.

Thankfully this has not happened as Netanyahu is confronted with the overwhelming scale of international opposition.

iPhone : I took the view that was antisemitic. I wanted her to take her tweet down straight away, that didnt happen.

I dont want the Labour Party and antisemitism in the same sentence ever again.

Keir Starmer explains why he sacked @Rlong_bailey as Shadow Education Secretary.

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iPhone : Nigel Farage once again promotes the conspiracy theories & divisive rhetoric of the Far Right.

These disgusting views have often originated from extremist & fringe political groups in America, now Farage wants to poison our political discourse as well. We must challenge him.…

iPhone : CST’s new film reveals the shocking truth about how far right extremists incite terror and spread hate online. Using original research from neo-Nazi social media channels, CST shows why far right terrorism is a real and urgent threat to Jewish communities

Twitter Web App : We know – the statistics are shocking. That’s why we joined #70million, a campaign powered by OLAM.

We call on JLM members to learn, donate, advocate or volunteer to stand in solidarity with those displaced around the world.

Join the call 👉

iPhone : I’ve made it my first priority to tackle anti-Semitism and rebuilding trust with the Jewish community is a number one priority for me,” says Keir Starmer as he sacks Rebecca Long-Bailey for sharing an article containing anti-Semitic conspiracy theory

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iPhone : This is what a change in culture looks like.

This is what zero tolerance looks like.

This is what rebuilding trust with the Jewish community looks like.…

iPhone : Restoring trust with the Jewish community is a priority for myself, @KeirStarmer and The Labour Party.

Antisemitism takes many different forms and it is vital we have a zero tolerance approach.

I am grateful for Keir's strong leadership.…