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Bio Writer. Lawyer. Author of the the forthcoming OK BOOMER, LETS TALK: A Millennial Defense of Our Generation and The H-Spot: The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness.
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iPhone : This reference to the 2nd Amendment is a head scratcher only if you don’t know that 2nd Amendment was in fact created to ensure Southern slaveowners the right to maintain & arm slave patrols to put down insurrections amongst the enslaved. Now he’s invoking agnst their descendants twitter.com/atrupar/status…

iPhone : Open carry laws are incompatible with the concept of a free public square for protest and speech. After tonight it seems like a quaint complaint, I know citylab.com/equity/2017/08…

iPhone : Oh my god these people really went from “making me stay home is tyranny” to “there’s a curfew, police can do what they want to you if you’re outside” in less than a week.

iPhone : Imagine that some people spent months mad that I had the audacity to argue the not-radical thought that anti-black racism is embedded in the very DNA of this country. Imagine.

iPhone : As Trump prepares to leave the White House for St. John's Church, a reminder: he appears to have just ordered the gasing of peaceful American protesters in order to stage a photo op.

iPhone : just realized this is likely all bc of the White House photo last night—Trump was mad that everyone made fun of him for hiding so he demanded 1) a photo op to prove he's a big, tough boy & 2) that cops teargas peaceful protestors so he could go for his walk without getting scared

iPhone : Tear gas has been fired outside the White House at protesters who, on TV, appeared to have their hands raised or were not being aggressive, just chanting.

iPhone : For those keeping score at home:

The President refused to invoke the Defense Production Act to mobilize and save lives quickly against COVID-19.

But he didn't hesitate to invoke the 1807 Insurrection Act to deploy the military on American streets against protests.

iPhone : This is the third or fourth video I’ve seen of police driving vehicles into protestors, a tactic used by white supremacists to kill Heather Heyer here in Charlottesville. twitter.com/takeemdownrva/…

iPhone : Let me say this: if the President had "mobilized all available federal resources" to stop the pandemic, thousands more Americans would be alive now. twitter.com/atrupar/status…

iPhone : Trump thinks violence and strength are the same thing, so he is incapable of envisioning a solutions to problems that do not involve more violence.

The reality though, is that violence is often a sign of weakness—particularly when heads of state deploy it against their citizens.

iPhone : Remember how some of us said Trump is a racist and he would try to exploit the chaos to declare an emergency, unleash the military, potentially declare martial law and either postpone or suspend the elections to stay in power? We were all crazy.

Twitter Web App : All of that said, DC tourists, please: Stay within a few blocks of the Hard Rock Cafe. Trust me, it's where all the best most authentic local stuff is, you'll love it. (NY tourists, same, but Times Square Olive Garden).