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Twitter Web App : Electric propulsion is a game-changer⚡🛰

Compared to chemical systems, it can reduce the amount of fuel needed by up to 90% and offers greater mission flexibility. Learn about how were using the tech for Gateway & exploring it for crewed Mars missions: go.nasa.gov/37zEUD0

iPhone : LIVE NOW: Almost home! Chris Cassidy and cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner of @Roscosmos have departed the Intl. Space Station aboard their Soyuz spacecraft and are preparing for a parachute-assisted landing in Kazakhstan: twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1… twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1…

Twitter Web App : 🚨Never-before-seen images from our journey #ToBennuAndBack

Yesterday, NASAs OSIRIS-REx captured these pics showing the spacecraft touch Bennu, press into its surface & stir up material. The team is busy analyzing whats likely to be NASAs 1st asteroid sample: go.nasa.gov/34gnGIK

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Twitter Web App : Thank you to Senator Roger Wicker for your leadership on space situational awareness! Sen. Wicker’s bill provides the critical legislative authority and funding we need to execute SPD-3 and ensure the safety and sustainability of space operations. twitter.com/SenateCommerce…

Twitter Web App : Yesterday, in a 1st for NASA, NASAs OSIRIS-REx unfurled its robotic arm and briefly touched asteroid Bennu to collect a sample for delivery to Earth in 2023. Join me and mission experts at 5pm ET as we release new images from this historic event: nasa.gov/live #ToBennuAndBack pic.twitter.com/lODYRyRmdS

Twitter Web App : Today: the latest from #ToBennuAndBack, & 3 space travelers including Chris Cassidy return home. All times ET:

3:30pm: Soyuz hatch closing at Intl. Space Station
5pm: NASAs OSIRIS-REx) 's Twitter Profile">NASAs OSIRIS-REx news update
6:15pm: NASAs OSIRIS-REx) 's Twitter Profile">NASAs OSIRIS-REx live Q&A
7pm: Soyuz undocks
9:30pm: Soyuz landing

🔗 nasa.gov/live

Twitter Web App : We are making a lot of good progress with SpaceX on engine testing to better understand the unexpected behavior observed during a recent non-NASA launch. (1/5)

Twitter Web App : News you may have missed: NASA is looking to the future with our new Flight Opportunities selections, including the first selection of a researcher-tended experiment from Southwest Research Institute on a commercial suborbital space flight. More about all 31 payloads: go.nasa.gov/374TJNH

iPhone : “What is amazing with this mission is that it over performed. It over performed in every way.”

Administrator Jim Bridenstine congratulates the NASAs OSIRIS-REx team and shared his excitement for today’s historic TAG of asteroid Bennu.


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iPhone : Congratulations to the entire NASAs OSIRIS-REx team and all of NASA’s partners on this mission! We are on the way to returning the largest sample brought home from space since Apollo. If all goes well, this sample will be studied by scientists for generations to come! twitter.com/osirisrex/stat…

iPhone : 🔥 Matchpoint Burn completed. Weve got about 10 minutes before contact with the asteroid surface. NASAs OSIRIS-REx is maneuvering to match the speed and spin of asteroid Bennu before its final descent to the surface. #ToBennuAndBack

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iPhone : 🎞 LIVE FROM Lockheed Martin: Bennu, we see you! Tune in as our NASAs OSIRIS-REx spacecraft descends to the rocky surface of asteroid Bennu to attempt to scoop some space rocks from site Nightingale! Watch: twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1…

Questions? #ToBennuAndBack twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1…

iPhone : Its TAG day. And we are officially GO for TAG.

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