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Twitter Web App : Not sure how many times it needs to be said.. STOP SENDING POLICE IN TO DO WELLNESS CHECKS. PERIOD.


Twitter Web App : CPS shot and killed a 20-year-old woman yesterday. twitter.com/CalgaryPolice/…

Twitter Web App : Heidi Scott Ted McCoy Corbyn isn't an anti-Semite. that was a cynical smear thrown at him during an election. it's on the level of Benghazi, or the Swift Boat smear on Kerry, or the claims that Obama was a secret Muslim. deeply embarrassing for the NDP that prominent spokespeople are amplifying it

iPhone : if a man is unable to disobey the voice in his head that demands he put the public in danger, then he is a danger to the public. twitter.com/jonnywakefield…

iPhone : Spacing tables apart + air purifiers may help, but can’t eliminate risk entirely. Partitions don’t do much: “They could actually help the aerosol pool on one side of it by disrupting the whole ventilation flow,” said aerosols expert Alex Huffman @UDenver

iPhone : either you’re deliberately supporting apartheid or you were just too dumb and naive to see that Corbyn was being cynically ratfucked. which is it?

iPhone : if you, a canadian who works in or provides analysis of politics, are repeating the anti-semitism smear against Jeremy Corbyn, you’re either stupid or evil. take your pick

iPhone : Ubaka Ogbogu as this would significantly alter government spending you would not be able to do it with a private member’s bill in Alberta. would have to be a government bill. it seems easier to do from the muni side than from the province actually

iPhone : BREAKING: The province has identified the first continuing care outbreak in Alberta containing variant cases of COVID-19.

The outbreak was identified last Friday at Churchill Manor in Edmonton. Since then, 27 staff and residents have tested positive.


iPhone : In light of news that the Edmonton Police dont have evidence to link the torch march to hatred (despite literally using imagery from a neo-Nazi torch march in Charlottesville) I thought I would do a bit of a deep dive into the Pawlowski brothers. 1/