🍁 James 🍂 (Raffle Open!) (@JimsPillow )

🍁 James 🍂 (Raffle Open!)

Bio header by my boyfriend @Underrated_Hero
pfp by Spider-Man aka @OzJim11

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Twitter Web App : Patreon reward || Big Sis Hall Monitor

I know I said it was a one-time-only thing, but I guess theres nothing wrong with making sure no one messes with my bro while hes going to class.

#TheLoudHouse #LincolnLoud #LynnLoud

iPhone : I made anime kill animations for Among Us

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Twitter Web App : 10月からブーメランの『スティーブン・ユニバース』でシーズン5å¾ŒåŠãŒé…ä¿¡ã‚¹ã‚¿ãƒ¼ãƒˆã™ã‚‹ã“ã¨ã‚’è¨˜å¿µã—ã¦ã€ã‚ªãƒªã‚¸ãƒŠãƒ«ãƒãƒ¼ãƒãƒ£ãƒ«èƒŒæ™¯ç”»åƒã‚’ãƒ—ãƒ¬ã‚¼ãƒ³ãƒˆğŸŽâœ¨



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iPhone : What do Lin-Manuel Miranda, Frida Kahlo & José Andrés have in common? They’re all icons #HispanicHeritageMonth

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Twitter Web App : Youre cute, Lincoln??

#TheLoudHouse #fanart #teenager #Nickelodeon

Android : Autumn is my favorite time of year, and its even more magical in the Boiling Isles! Thanks Ozjim (Commissions Open) for this commission of my favorite pairings together to celebrate the best season ❤💜🍁🍂 #Lumity #Zatanna #Supergirl #TheOwlHouse #DCSuperHeroGirls

Twitter Web App : what if we rewrite the stars? looks like they are casted in the greatest showman #lubenny #luenny #luanloud #benny #TheLoudHouse #rewritethestars #thegreatest

Twitter Web App : 💫 °• Happy Birthday, Angel •° ğŸŽ‚

#Bendy_and_the_ink_machine #BENDY #batim #chapterthree #anniversary #birthday #BATIM #sketches #cartoonist #ArtistOnTwitter #digitalart

Android : And there goes another finished and delivered job. What do you think? 😁😁😁
#theloudhouse #theloudhousefanart #digitalart #Ozjim11 #Commission twitter.com/364wii/status/…

Android : 之前畫的魔祖四季美人的主題

Android : Ngl, this hiatus I took from social media is actually rather refreshing. No burdens, no pressure to be on top of the latest news, no drama. Seriously, if you ever need to take a break for whatever reason, do so. Youll be suprised by how you feel at the end of it.

Twitter Web App : Burster MFG (SPOILERS) returns on a new episode of #CasaLoudChats to talk about the Casagrandes Season 3 renewal, Season 2, the new Loud House Halloween Special, and the new episodes!! #TheLoudHouse #TheCasagrandes

Anchor: anchor.fm/casaloudchats/…
Youtube: youtu.be/bIXx9b9kz_k pic.twitter.com/Iyxs1DXqby

Twitter Web App : So I recently reached 200 followers! YAY!! That is absolutely insane to me!! I just want to thank everyone who followed!

In celebration, I drew a new profile pic!

Android : ¡Buena noches! Im Jovialjm (aka jmdoodle). Ive decided to open a Twitter account for my SFW art. I hope you follow me and enjoy my happy doodles!😊

iPhone : Adam Antor I think that rise is, in part, to a stagnation in many traditional sports. The ever emerging and innovating Esports scene is, in many respects, more exciting than sports whose rules and presentation haven’t changed in 50+ years.

iPhone : Tommorrow is my 3 Year Streamaversary! I hope you guys can make it and celebrate with me! I will be having my first ever subathon and I am excited to spend time with you all. Lets all hang out and then later some of my friends will be over for a play date! I love you guys!

Twitter Web App : draw a nun Lori for practicing

#TheLoudHouse #nickelodeon #loriloud #Practice

iPhone : 「シーラとプリンセス戦士」面白かった~キャトラが好き絵です #SheraandthePrincessesofPower

Android : Yall really need to get off tik tok if all yall are going to do is download videos of minors doing things that minors do and then bring it back to Twitter, so they can be harassed, berated, and sexualized by miserable adults. twitter.com/unkwndes/statu…

iPhone : Elsa couldnt stop admiring the lovely freckles on Annas skin. Although she is content, it might not be appropriate for Anna, the Queen, to be in public. Its time for Anna to get a new dress😉 twitter.com/HAEA818/status…

iPhone : I think it’s hella stupid Discord has a limit on how often I can change my pfp in a short period of time. Damn bitch, I’m just trying these pics out, don’t wanna get stuck with a stupid one for the next 30 mins 🤢

Twitter Web App : A moment of solemnity for RBG, a true tzadik. She inspired the world and hearing news of her death I felt compelled to do this. I dont really make realistic portraits but she deserves it. She deserved everything.

#RuthBaderGinsburg #NotoriousRBG

iPhone : Whoop, got some holo King stickers for my amusement. And to uh, give to any Patreon members for next month of course. 👀

#TheOwlHouse #toh #theowlhousefanart

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iPhone : 為了這次的活動而努力的年輕人們

Android : ooo you wanna retweet this so bad ooooooooo

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