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Bio Samoan | Negotiations support for PSIDS & Head of Pacific @GreenpeaceAP | Auditor @synod_va | Pragmatic Idealist 🍃 | Views mostly from my indigenous reference
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Twitter Web App : Happy Independence Day Samoa! 58 years today since our elders won us our freedom so that today's leaders can ridicule them and say those same elders "didn't understand" the Constitution they were framing. ☕️👀🇼🇸

Android : When will white people learn to take a back seat and listen for once? Antifa idiots are ruining legitimate protests by #BlackLivesMatter . If it's not white racists, it's these so-called allies who don't check their privilege/bias and continue to stifle progress. #fakesolidarity…

Android : If you're STILL criticizing the implementation of the lockdown after NZ now has only ONE active case, something is seriously wrong with you.

Twitter Web App : The Great One Petaia That's interesting because Poly National supporters have also made the same mistake. By buying into the MAGA-style tone, they're also committing the same errors. Why debate that hard stuff (i.e. facts, policies) when it's easier to make stuff up to get a reaction? lol

Twitter Web App : Can anyone with some actual political knowledge/experience tell me why I should/shouldn't vote for Labour this year? Not interested in spin or the "Jacinda's a communist" BS from trolls/wannabe political experts. Just need verifiable data & facts on her policies, please. #nzpol🇳🇿