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Sprout Social : In life, we may have trouble, but the good news is trouble doesn’t have the final say. God promises that He won’t just help you get through it, help you survive, but He’ll bring you out with double.

Sprout Social : When you get the seed of God’s Word down in your heart, when you declare His promises, then you’ll tap into that power that overrules anything that’s trying to hold you back.

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Sprout Social : You can’t be passive and reach your destiny. Tell the addiction, the alcohol, “You’ve got to go back." Tell the fear, the anxiety, “You’re not welcome here."

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Sprout Social : You can't reach your potential praying small prayers, believing for the ordinary, accepting the status quo. God is counting on you to tap into His favor, to see the surpassing greatness of His power. That takes people that will take the limits off of Him.

Sprout Social : That sickness didn’t come to stay; it came to pass. It’s got to go back. God didn’t create you to go through life overcome by problems, burdened down.

Sprout Social : The scripture says, “God’s Word will not return void.” It will not be ineffective. When you have God’s promises coming out of your mouth, you can’t be defeated.

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Sprout Social : God said He will always cause you to triumph. He said when the enemy comes against you one way, He will defeat them and cause them to flee seven different ways.

Sprout Social : The Creator of the Universe will push back forces of darkness; He won’t let that obstacle defeat you. It may go past its boundaries temporarily, but don’t get discouraged. It’s got to go back.

Sprout Social : When you’re in difficult times, don’t just say what you feel, what you think, what you want. Say what God says about your situation.

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Sprout Social : We are praying for the members of our armed forces and their families as we honor their sacrifice this Memorial Day.

Sprout Social : It may look like things could never change, but there’s no mountain God can’t move. There’s no wall He can’t break through. It may not have happened yet, but this is a new day. God is doing a new thing.

Sprout Social : Whatever is trying to hold you down, whatever looks permanent, in your imagination, you need to see it turning around, walking away from you, getting smaller and smaller. It may have formed but say, “Lord, thank You that it’s not going to prosper.”

Sprout Social : God said, “Trouble may come, the sickness may form, people may do you wrong, but don’t worry, it’s not going to prosper.” That’s not how your story ends. God has the final say.

Sprout Social : Don’t let the circumstances talk you out of what God put in your heart. It may look dead, it may seem too late, all the experts may tell you it’s impossible, but I can tell you firsthand, “God has the final say.”

Sprout Social : You haven’t seen, heard, or imagined where God is taking you. You had a setback, that’s okay, it’s setting you up for greater influence, greater authority, greater honor. Get ready for the greater things God is about to do.

Sprout Social : Instead of worrying, thinking about all the things that are wrong and what might not work out. Say “Lord thank You that there’s nothing you can’t do. There’s not a mountain you can’t move. You’re a way maker, a miracle worker, a promise keeper.”

Sprout Social : What God has in your future is so amazing, you will never complain about your past. You may be down now, but get ready to rise.

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Sprout Social : Chains are being broken; strongholds are coming down. You are redeemed, you are restored, you are honorable, you are blameless. Shake off the guilt; shake off the accusing voices. Receive the gift of righteousness.

Sprout Social : God said He will never let you face anything that you can’t handle. He will always give you the grace, the strength, the faith for what comes your way.

Sprout Social : The bigger you make God, the smaller your problems become and the more faith will rise in your heart.

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