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iPhone : Julia Hartley-Brewer Public decide what? It is none of their business. Or yours. Or mine. If he commit a crime it is for the police to investigate and for the CPS (or whatever they’re now called) to decide if a prosecution go forward.

iPhone : Gerard Clarke Why unpopular? Cummings is finally someone who looks at data, evidence, what works in other countries and is trying to modernise policy delivery, up against a civil service quite happy with the status quo. Need more of his ilk and fewer PPE grads and civil rights lawyers.

iPhone : Stephen Reicher Open and honest? You guys been open and honest about how little you knew about this virus before it was decided to grenade the economy? Based on models? Poor models with no oversight. If you think models are ‘evidence’ I suggest you revisit what the scientific method is.

iPhone : Keir Starmer Millions don’t give a shit. This is another non-issue created by a 24 hour news media with no idea of what the electorate actually care about. Hence the massive disconnect between news and you and how voters actually vote.

iPhone : Jonathan Pie I bet the civil service don’t think unfunded and generous final salary pensions aren’t arrogant and offensive. Or finishing at 2 on a Friday. Or doing fuck all else from Monday to Friday....

iPhone : Wes Streeting MP Protecting care homes? Governments the world over were too busy destroying the economy to protect people at virtually zero risk of anything other than 2 weeks of fatigue. It was clear very early that over 70s were vulnerable.

iPhone : Emma Kennedy Jonathan Pie Neil Ferguson, the guy whose poorly made up numbers will end up killing more people than the virus? That guy? Yes, he should have resigned. Cummings should only resign if he had any hand in believing Ferguson’s nonsense.