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Twitter Web App : If you can't, as majority leader of the Senate, condemn a president who shoots tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protestors so he can have a photo opp, you've got nothing.…

Twitter Web App : We have more coming on this, but I've been taken aback by the amount of screenshots of the fake Antifa account actually run by white nationalists circulating on hyperlocal neighborhood apps like Nextdoor.

The coordination for maximum fear is staggering.…

Twitter Web App : This is the result of the idiots RUBBER BULLETS used to clear out the PEACEFUL PROTESTERS in Washington so the motherfucker in chief could disgrace a church and a Bible to pose for a fucking photo op!

Twitter Web App : A van of cops drove up to this looted store, then left. Looters went in two more times — including while this NYPD van drove by.

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Twitter Web App : You knew this meme was coming when you saw him with that upside down backwards Bible in front of the church he didn’t even step foot in...right?

Twitter Web App : Trump’s threat to use the military against the American people under the Insurrection Act is an affront to his oath of office and every precept of American democracy. It would be an illegal and unconstitutional act. Trump is inciting, dividing and weakening America. Disgraceful.

Twitter Web App : Hes hiding in a bunker and hes embarrassed... so what does he have to do? He has to sick police on peaceful protesters so he can make a big show of being...the little big man.
@AndersonCooper on reports Trump created his own photo-opp because he was angry with news coverage.

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