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Android : Sarah Vine If we want it to be better we all have to call it out when our own 'sides' do it, otherwise, I fear, we are part of the problem. Once again, sorry about your kids: I know how angry it would have made me.

Android : Sarah Vine Politics makes people behave terribly. Industrial sized quantities of cant last night. No one should be threatened with violence. And you're absolutely right to be angry and defensive about your kids, I would be. But this only changes if we call it out whoever it happens to.

Android : Sam Bowman Let me be more explicit. I don't agree with your piece. I think it would be wrong to create a tax haven in the UK for HKers. If people want the benefits of a proper state they should contribute to the cost. But I don't lump you in with those my tweet disparaged.

Android : Sam Bowman I read your piece as a bit of what-iffery: countries don't just pack up and move elsewhere. The broader enthusiasm for the idea - like 'free ports' - raises all the questions my tweets ask.

Android : "This requires a rethink of what governments are for: rather than simply fixing market failures when they arise, they should move towards actively shaping and creating markets to take on society’s most pressing challenges," argues the brilliant Mariana Mazzucato…

Android : To understand the truth about tax havens you need only ask one question: what do they supply that humanity needs? The answer is nothing. They make nothing and they do nothing.

They do not "create wealth". They are parasite states, diverting to themselves what is made by others.

Android : I see Brexiters want a deregulated tax haven in the middle of England. Where do they think those who go there will come from? And why? And what happens to the places they leave behind? And the people left there? And the public services they will defund?

Android : “Nothing will ever stop me wanting to be a journalist. It was my dream from the age of eight. I love that we can champion people’s causes and fight for decency and morality and fairness, even if there is never anyone fighting for us.”…