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Bio Executive Vice President of Consumer Markets at @TMobile. Husband. Dad. Proud Texan. Fiercely Dedicated to the Frontline. Loves Classic Cars and The Sopranos.
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iPhone : I won’t stay silent. I’m sickened beyond sickened tonight. I’m sickened as to how we arrived here. I understand how we’re here. I really do. I’m sickened about ALL of the violence. We must FULLY eradicate racism and begin to heal this country. We must. 🖤🤎🤍 = 💗 #SpeakUp

Twitter for iPad : Few things are more beautiful than this. This is the leadership that will make a sustained difference in our country. Hoping for non-violent protests throughout America tonight that promote the right to live. A…

Twitter for iPad : It’s time for all business leaders to do more. To speak up. To step out. It’s time to change."… on LinkedIn

Twitter for iPad : Calloway aja chatmon With all due respect, there’s no hands to play into. I’ve known Aja for over a decade. She’s giving me a different POV. I’m listening to her. I’m respecting her. That’s it.

Twitter for iPad : Mrs. M Mike Sievert Callie Field They’re beautiful. Until your two black sons have the same life experiences as my two white daughters, we should not rest. We have an incredible amount of work to do in America.

Twitter for iPad : aja chatmon I’m not trying to be tone deaf. I don’t want to debate you. I hear you and I respect your view, Aja. And I love you too.

Twitter for iPad : I’m saddened tonight from these awful images that I’m seeing. These are beautiful cities across America that I know and love. I can appreciate the anger from so many people. I hope that we can end this violence and constructively advance discussions and make much needed progress.

iPhone : I try to keep my political views at bay. An employee’s or a customer’s assessment of me through a political prism is unhelpful. Advocating for equality and the extermination of racism is not political. Unfollow me if you disagree. I stand for equality for all. Period.…

iPhone : What colors do you use to make magenta? Black. Brown. White. And any other color in between.

Let’s continue to reach out to one another and support one another. Have a good weekend, everyone.

iPhone : Kiasha Hi there. You’re a former Sprint employee. You’re most certainly a T-Mobile employee now and we’re glad to have you. DM me your phone number and I’ll call you this weekend to discuss some ideas.