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Bio Hack horror writer, author of Camp Ghoul Mountain Part VI (from Turn to Ash). Western New York ex-pat. Editor @muzzlelandpress.
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Twitter Web App : Prominent pastors posting longwinded "what is justice, really? are leftists Christ-centered?" philosophical analyses while people are being brutalized in the streets for demanding basic civil rights for others is everything wrong with the American church in a nutshell

Twitter Web App : Brian Asman I see some variations of this posted by others from time to time, and figured I was due as I found myself being reflexively dismissive, even in a "humorous" way, of compliments directed toward my work recently.

Android : Working on accepting praise without "I don't really deserve it" qualifiers or performative self-deprecating humor. I think humility and being humble are virtues; public displays of lack of confidence are not.

Twitter Web App : Halloween 6 may be an incoherent mess but I love it. I like how it goes for something different despite having many flaws. The Producers Cut is the superior cut.

Twitter Web App : To feature "Anne Gare's Rare and Import Video and Ephemera Catalogue," which will be full of fun surprises.…

Twitter Web App : I'm still not convinced this whole thing isn't disinformation, but there's an awful lot of moving parts and players (congress, industry, military) and the more you expand a conspiracy, the less likely it will remain one.…

Twitter Web App : Been in several meetings where the direction from management was "let's go viral"…

Android : This will make sense to about 5% of you, but: I'm looking for feedback on a Star Wars skill and Force system hack for the White Star OSR RPG. If you're willing to take a look give me a shout.

Twitter Web App : New Call of Duty Game Imagines What If Russia Attacked Own Civilians in Fictional City of PФЯҬLДИD…

Twitter Web App : I've greatly increased the pre-order availability due to unexpected demand—get your copy of The Crypt of Blood with the free soundtrack code!…

Android : Day 2 of the #indiegogo and we are currently at 10% of our goal! (Sorry, when you get a press, suddenly you are a "we," lol) Go get you some EBOOK BUNDLES!
#NICTITATINGBOOKS #horror #seanmthompson…