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iPhone : believe it or not, I learned about it in my 10th grade history class. Particularly rare because it was a small rural white town. Most of the stuff was whitewashed (had no clue about Tulsa), but we were at least made aware of the red lining.…

iPhone : For everyone that’s been asking for resources to learn, see the responses to the this tweet. Thanks to everyone replying.…

iPhone : What percentage of the non-black portion of the country do you think are unaware of the history of housing discrimination and redlining that prevented black families from building wealth at a time when everyone else was getting their piece of the pie? I think it’s a significant %

iPhone : Nate Jones There are even a ton of Black people who aren’t aware of how the whole system of redlining works. So I can’t imagine how many other people who aren’t Black had no clue. I’ve been having some conversations with people about it and they’re 🤯

iPhone : I’ve spent 7 years after high school in school and still was never exposed to it. Only started reading up on this all in the last few years largely due to being exposed to it on twitter. One example, Madison:……

iPhone : I was EXTREMELY LUCKY to have a white history teacher that challenged the textbook and taught us about all of this. He always prefaced his class at the start of the year that he wouldnt teach us the rose colored view of history.…

iPhone : Nate Jones I agree that it's a significant %. It should be taught in school. At my son's school in Portland, it is part of the 6th grade curriculum, but that is not the norm. For Portland folks, the school has made the curriculum available & wants to share:…

iPhone : Nate Jones sam esfandiari It’s massive. 90-98%.

For example: I grew up in a relatively social justice literate family, got a 5 in AP US history, valedictorian at top 20 CA HS, news junkie, Stanford degree, and didn’t REALLY get the impact of redlining on wealth until I read The Case For Reparations.

iPhone : J. Michael Nate Jones The problem wasn't solved, but it was addressed here. Some 40 years ago I know both the Indianapolis Realtors and the Indiana Civil Rights Commission had housing advisory committees as I was on both. We did try.

iPhone : Nate Jones KiaraTokumei In 1997, my first job as a legal assistant was for civil rights attorneys who were in the middle of a class action suit against real estate companies who denied housing to, and steered black potential tenants to certain neighborhoods. I had no clue before then.

iPhone : legit only learned about this fully because of ta-nehisi coates.

before that housing discrimination was a vague notion - plausible but never concrete for me…

iPhone : 80% of non Black people have no understanding of housing discrimination, redlining AND the dispersal of G.I. Bill funds for Black veterans. 30% of this country doesn't believe racism exists. So yeah. A very high number here.…

iPhone : Nate Jones I'm friggin' 50 and just learned about it last week. Watched the TPT documentary "Jim Crow of the North" about covenant restrictions and redlining in my home state.

When someone says "systemic racism" now, that phrase has weight & meaning.

Small steps for me, but important.

iPhone : Right now there’s a protest starting in downtown Palo Alto to support #blacklivesmatter. I wish I could be there. But instead I’m at Live In Peace in East Palo Alto, where we’re celebrating our college graduates…