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Android : Imagine how heartbroken those allied forces who stormed the beaches 76 years ago would be if someone had told them the American president in the year 20 damn 20 was gonna be a wannabe dictator who wished for a police state

Android : During our conversation on The Walking With Giants Special, Masai Ujiri discusses the murder of George Floyd, and how change starts with the lessons we teach in our homes

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Twitter Web App : Also this experiment is rooted in fact that the NBA has had to get creative after a pandemic shut the whole thing down. Keep it unique and let fans hear the on-court action instead of trying to replicate normalcy by pumping in video game noise. It's not normal. No need to fake it

Twitter Web App : Klay Bradley So if we assume there ARE going to be positive tests here and there, we should be prepared for the fact there are going to be a few of them that are definitely season-altering and potentially franchise-altering. And much higher chance of that than the usual risk of bad injuries

Twitter Web App : Klay Bradley Of course. It's just, as I've been saying, take LeBron for example. His body, conditioning & all of the other things that go into making him so durable - while helping him in his potential fight against the virus - don't make him any less susceptible to actually contracting it

Twitter Web App : Gotta figure there are going to be positive tests, at least here and there, which is concerning enough from a health&safety perspective. But from a team perspective, seven days in a small (8-game) sample, or seven days in a playoff series could be season and franchise-altering…

Twitter Web App : Literally couldn't make this up if you were trying to script a movie about bad cops. They're doing it to themselves! Few, if any, are willing to stand up to colleagues for what's right, but 57 are willing to stand up in unison AGAINST accountability for assaulting an old man?!…

Twitter Web App : A powerful show of support and solidarity. As the group takes a pause at Yonge-Dundas Square, employees emerge from businesses along the route, and applaud. #topoli #torontoprotest

Android : Ryan McDonnell I know it's naive to say the actions themselves are shocking, but the fact they are completely comfortable doing this knowing full well it is being witnessed by media and broadcast for all to see is astounding

Android : I know there has been talk of those eight worst teams taking part in some sort of summer action, but in terms of real/meaningful games, the difference in gaps between finalists vs. worst teams is really going to be 1 month vs. 8 months. Wild.

Android : Gap between end of a season & beginning of training camps is usually ~3.5 months for NBA finalists and ~5.5 months for the league's worst teams. This year, those same gaps will be ~1 month for finalists compared to ~8 months for league's worst team. That difference seems crazy