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iPhone : #BuyMoreGoya ... sold out everywhere by people who never bought their products before... dumdshit fascists cancel culture lunatics…

iPhone : Chelsea Manning was convicted for leaking classified information-a security risk

So why are Democrats more upset at Trump for commuting Roger Stone’s sentence than they were at Obama for commuting Chelsea Manning?

Rt if you agree

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iPhone : Lefties and RINOS crapping their pants over this....Trump allies want Michael Flynn to stage a campaign trail comeback - POLITICO…

iPhone : THREAD

#China’s threat is real in military/economic deal with #Iran

-$400 bn from China
-Sino-Russian bombers, fighter jets & etc. to have unrestricted access to Iran's air bases
-China gets privilege, discounts on all of Iran’s oil/gas/petchem deals…

iPhone : If you don’t think Putin, Xi, ISIS, the Iranians , Maduro and the rest of our enemies aren’t salivating with the thought of this criminal life long coward politician who kneels to domestic terrorists becoming POTUS you got another thing coming. #SleepyJoe #WalkAwayFromDemocrats…

Twitter Web App : .Goya Foods CEO: 'I'm not apologizing' For Accepting an Invitation From The President

The #BoycottGoya movement isn't going to silence us. In fact, I say, silent majority no more.…

Twitter Web App : Me and my Puerto Rican wife LOVE #Goya and will double down on our purchase of all their amazing food products...VIVA GOYA!!!! VIVA LIBERTAD!!!!!

iPhone : Joe Biden said not to worry about having to wear masks now. Susan Rice promised him that if he picks her for Vice President she’ll “unmask” everyone‼️