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Please dont repost my work~

FFXIV: Ario Arakki/Aegis

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Twitter Web App : Ive caught up on the #SheRa series finale, what an incredible ride! Ive also just finished these roughs for my fan anime op! Music is Blood Circulator by Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

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Twitter Web App : Final Fantasy XIV Online Starter Edition for PS4 free until MayΒ 26…

Twitter Web App : The taking too long part atleast lol. Plus I try to be selective and pick rather than FFA take anything.

Enthusiasm has an expiry date afterall.

Twitter Web App : LF ergonomic ipad workstation set up.…

Twitter for iPad : Wanted to push that contrast more. Really should head to bed... the more I look at this the more I wanna keep working on it OTL

Twitter for iPad : Been seeing a resurgence of Bloodborne related content on YouTube~ got inspired to do more art for it too.

Twitter Web App : Danny Default ink brush in procreate. Doesn't mean much tho I think, find what works for you.

Twitter Web App : Danny ah no, it's been 4 years lol. It's hard to juggle that with work and doing personal work so I decided to stop doing it.

Twitter Web App :

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Twitter Web App : Still my favorite rendition of Eternal Wind~…

Twitter Web App : Marissa I think they might add that as a limited job! that or beastmaster based on speculations.

Twitter Web App : This isn't in any way a confirmation that this class is gonna be included, but I've been seeing a lot of people speculating it, me included. Don't get your hopes up for it tho!

It's just a good bit of fun to imagine this as a job mechanic since it's how it operates in FFT haha

Twitter Web App : Marissa I'm actually imagining a Necromancer class also. He doesn't have a ressurect skill, if you die, he takes control of that player corpse hahah