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iPhone : Welcome to #WandaVision. Coming soon to #DisneyPlus.

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Twitter Web App : Saddleback College held a discussion on potential new mascots, so a student sent me the zoom link.

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iPhone : Feeling more like Tutter every dang day.

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iPhone : "if you don't buy the TERF game, the company might have to lay off the workers"

if you DO buy the TERF game, and the TERF game is wildly successful, the company will still do layoffs

the game industry is built on pretending jobs they know full well are temp are "careers"

Twitter Web App : I love this clip

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Amazing #SpiderMan #247 (Stern, Romita Jr. + Sr.), Marvel Team-Up #136 (Michelinie, Frenz + Esposito), The Spectacular Spider-Man #85 (Mantlo, Stern, Milgrom + Mooney). #comics #comicbook #podcast #Hobgoblin #Marvel

Twitter Web App : Couldnt resist animating this water bulbasaur, design from charamells It is SO cute. Ive modified it a bit to suit my needs though.
#2danimation #Pokemon #Bulbasaur

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Twitter Web App : I'm convinced the Angry Birds game cheats sometimes. I cleared a level using only one bird and I got 1 star πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Give me my 3 stars! End of tweet

iPhone : Cars Anim Ref. Very fun characters to animate. I would use hot wheels cars sometimes to figure out rough blocking and duct tape rolls as wheels for reference acting.

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