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Bio Husband and father of 1, 2nd coming Dec. 2019. HUGE Star Wars fan. Everything I do is for my family. Full Time employee and student.
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Android : Fuck you Facebook ... I commented "I trusted him... Men are dogs" on a satire piece named "Shaggy admits it might have been him"... And you guys ban me?! Fuck you

Android : August Burns Red this is undoubtedly the cutest #ABR fan youll ever see

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Android : Susan Glasser I mean... TECHNICALLY a few military pathologists reported "a new disease with high mortality" and was then recognized as the flu in Jan 1918. Dont be so ticky tacky.

Android : DashieXP lmao I can never watch your videos in front of my daughter 🤣🤣 #OhShit

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Android : I love paying Hulu for loud commercials that wake my daughters up. I dont understand how y'all still dont have this crap figured out...

Android : TikTok removed this adorable video of my daughter. Even after I censored it for them #MylasWorld #letmeuploadit #shescutetho

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