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TweetDeck : Tucker Carlson only sold his stake in JUNE.

So that means that Carlson, while spending hours on TV decrying tyrannical government, was on the take twitter.com/JakeSherman/st…

TweetDeck : 6. Particularly in states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona, these workers are indisputably at greater risk today than they were in March

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TweetDeck : 5. The pandemic has impacted Starbucks Coffee but nearly all its stores are now open and the company is projecting a substantial profit this year.

On June 24, Starbucks announced it would pay shareholders a dividend

It is sitting on $2.6 billion in cash


TweetDeck : 4. On March 21, Starbucks Coffee announced that it would provide a $3 pay increase to all employees

At the time, there were 6,500 new COVID-19 cases each day.

The increase was rolled back May 30.

Now there are more than 50k new cases per day


TweetDeck : 3. @Kroger profits are through the roof.

In Q1, Kroger’s profit was $1.3 BILLION, a 147% increase over the last quarter

The company has $2.7 BILLION in cash and is increasing its dividend

It spent $442 million on stock buybacks in the last 3 months


TweetDeck : 2. On March 31, @Kroger announced a "hero pay" bonus of $2/hour.

It was eliminated on May 17.

Now, there are twice as many cases nationally as in late-March

But Kroger's CEO, Rodney McMullen, says the pay increase is not coming back


TweetDeck : 1. In late-March, when there were 25K coronavirus cases/day, some companies increased pay for frontline workers to compensate them for the risk

In May, as cases plateaued, the increases were rolled back.

Now there are 50K cases per day.



iPhone : Mike Pesca In my own work, I try to focus on people or institutions that have power. And that’s how I think it should be done. I dont think the Washington Post article on the woman who wore blackface to a party is useful.

iPhone : Mike Pesca I think it might be just a matter of definition. I’m not denying some people are fired unjustly. I’m just saying I don’t think those examples ads up to a systemic cultural problem.

TweetDeck : More people would know about whatever Ben Shapiro is trying to say if he was still allowed to pay Mad World News to post his articles on Facebook

popular.info/p/facebook-adm… twitter.com/benshapiro/sta…

iPhone : Jesse Singal For those people, it doesn’t really matter how widespread the problem is and I’d welcome a good-faith discussion about increasing due process rights for workers. Most people who toss around “cance culture” don’t seem to be operating in good faith to me

iPhone : Jesse Singal I do know that people are still subjected to sexism and racism in the workplace and are denied pay and promotion as a result and my feeling is that remains a larger problem than people who are being unfairly accused of sexism, racism, etc

iPhone : Jesse Singal I just feel like it’s a concept that is a problem because people feel like it’s a problem and have a handful of examples. But that doesn’t prove much.

iPhone : Josh Barro No I’m arguing cancel culture does not exist and also people being held accountable for genuinely bad conduct is good. I’m not saying no one has been fired unjustly. I don’t think it’s a systemic problem in the country, however. People keep bringing up the same 2 examples

iPhone : Matthew Yglesias My point is not that there has been no one who has been fired unjustly. I’d welcome a conversation about improving due process rights for workers. I don’t see the concept of “cancel culture” being used that way. I see it being used as a cudgel

iPhone : Jesse Singal I’m not saying people don’t get fired unjustly. My point is let’s talk about these issues on the merits and what can be done to prevent people from being fired without cause and and not hide behind empty concepts. I see “cancel culture” used frequently as a cudgel to avoid debate

iPhone : jon ronson My problem is that “cancel culture” itself is an empty term. Yes, there are people who lose their jobs unfairly. But why not discuss those instances on the merits and potential solutions rather than hide behind empty phrases