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Bio Chief Elected Official of Dallas County. 2nd Largest County in the Lone Star State. Known in TX as the County Judge. Home to 2.7 million. RTs not endorsements.
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iPhone : away from others as much as possible. You protect others by wearing your mask at all times when around them. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. We will get through this together but it takes all of us making good choices and looking out for one another...

iPhone : If you find yourself in close contact with others, you can then put on your mask. Wear a mask in any building outside your home. The numbers continue to rise which means there are more and more sick people out there moving around. You protect yourself by staying home and....

iPhone : I know many people want to do things in cooler settings inside buildings, but it's imperative that we stay away from people outside our home. In our leisure activities always take a mask when outside your home even if you don't think you'll be within six feet of another person...

iPhone : The operation at the University of Dallas has been suspended early today so please do not travel to the University of Dallas for a COVID-19 test today. The other sites are operational....

iPhone : “Today we close out the week with 1,101 new cases and four deaths. The average number of daily cases for this week is 1,121 and 54 total deaths reported for the week making this the deadliest week and highest average of new cases to date....

iPhone : I just voted. If you haven’t and don’t by 7:00pm tonight, Tuesday,Election Day is your last chance! We’ve worked very hard to make sure voting is safe. Go to ⁦Dallas Elections⁩ for a color coded map of polls. “Green means fast in and out. You can vote at any poll Tuesday🗳

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iPhone : If you touch the front of your mask where you’re sucking in all the air around you, that’s the dirtiest part of the mask & the dirtiest part of anything on your body, & then if you touch your eyes or nose, you can infect yourself that way...

iPhone : Even when you don’t think you’ll be around other people, please take a mask with you because you never know when interactions will occur and you’ll need to put your mask on.

iPhone : It’s up to all of us to #FlattenTheCurve and the best way to do that is to #StayHomeSaveLives. When you must leave your home, leave it only for work and necessities, including exercising at a safe distance.

iPhone : Restaurants continue to be a major source of concern for the medical community as are all venues where masks cannot be worn 100 % of the time. Please do not frequent any venue where masks cannot be worn by everyone 100 % of the time.

iPhone : Close contacts are defined as those that are unmasked and within 6 feet for a total cumulative time of 10-15 minutes or more, while around someone with #COVID19 during the time they were symptomatic or 48 hours before they showed symptoms.

iPhone : However, if distancing and masking is used 100 % of the time, group lunches are avoided, and shared tools are avoided 100 % of the time, then only the person who is sick will need to isolate because they won’t have any close contacts.

iPhone : If someone turns out to be sick in the workplace and 100 % masking protocol has not been utilized, then you can have a situation where several people must go home and isolate even though they’re not feeling sick, all because one person was #COVID19 positive.

iPhone : It you suspect that you are ill, wear your mask 100 % of the time, even in your own home. Remember, your mask protects others and their mask protects you. In the workplace, it’s very important to wear our mask.

iPhone : “Today’s numbers continue the trend that we are seeing. Gov. Greg Abbott is now on record agreeing with me that things will get worse before they get better. It’s imperative that we all wear our masks 100 % of the time when we are around other people outside of our own family.