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Bio Twitter used to be my place for art, antiques, animals and books. 2016 changed that. After a break am back to continue #Resistance “I will bear witness.”
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iPhone : Shaped by his own personal tragedies, Joe Biden has never been short on empathy, It’s one of his best qualities as a person & candidate.

It’s easy to see its genuine when he interacts w/voters & there is little doubt it will shape his choices as President!


iPhone : US coronavirus deaths:

90 days ago: 0 deaths
80 days ago: 12 deaths
70 days ago: 65 deaths
60 days ago: 938 deaths
50 days ago: 8,488 deaths
40 days ago: 26,033 deaths
30 days ago: 51,017 deaths
20 days ago: 67,682 deaths
10 days ago: 85,886 deaths
Right now: 97,711 deaths

iPhone : Ocean City, Maryland today. I lived in Maryland for many years. Started my legal career there. Met some of my closest friends there. Bought my first home there. Met my husband there. My son was born there. I ❤️Maryland. Reopening the economy? People will die because of this. twitter.com/alexberenson/s…

iPhone : Dear Donald,

Nothing in the world—not “ObamaGate,” not China, not whatever bogeyman you name next—will distract us from the catastrophe that happened under your watch.

We will hold you to account in November.



iPhone : Most of Twitter is probably too young to remember this, but about 30 years ago, a toddler fell into a well in Texas and the country was spellbound until she was safe. Now, we're all like, "Who needs grandmas if your roots are showing, amirite? lol"

iPhone : All Donald Trump did is what he and Steve Bannon promised.

They deconstructed the modern American state.

Their success left us vulnerable to #COVID.

That's Trump's big success.



iPhone : "By taking a wrecking ball to independent oversight, Trump has made the presidency into a dictatorship."

- Kurt Bardella, former spokesperson and senior adviser for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee
The Intellectualist

iPhone : This drone footage captures NYC workers burying bodies in a mass grave on Hart Island, just off the coast of the Bronx. For over a century, the island has served as a potter’s field for deceased with no known next of kin or families unable to pay for funerals.

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iPhone : They’ve begun digging mass graves for NYC #coronavirus victims #trumpburialpits

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iPhone : Lives could have been saved. Instead Trump focused on trying not to look bad before the election. Trump’s ego killed people, and if re-elected, this won’t be the last time. #TrumpBurialPits

iPhone : Americans die by the thousands, and Trump gloats about his television audience. They face financial ruin, and he chides governors for inadequate adulation. This is more than a failure of empathy. It’s a failure of basic humanity. My column >>> nyti.ms/3dYag7i