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iPhone : Except NOWHERE do I say I am being silenced. In fact I say the opposite that: "The secure can best protect those in peril." Why don't you get back to your full time job of snitching on colleagues. twitter.com/OwenJones84/st…

iPhone : "The Classroom is no place for critical race theory" revolving "around divisive identity politics, with phrases such as “white privilege”, “white saviour” and “white fragility” presented as unchallengeable facts". Great by Calvin Robinson Dont Divide Us telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/07/1…

iPhone : Julia Hartley-Brewer Yes, absolutely.

On the trans issue, they actively block out "negative" information because they are worried about it "triggering" vulnerable people.

So they actively keep out countervailing views *for therapeutic reasons.* No one is given any challenging information. Ever.

iPhone : JJ B That’s exactly my point, it’s not the same on both sides. And you insulted me - which was precisely what I said you’d do when challenged. Shrug.

iPhone : and that other people aren’t just there to serve their needs.

It all makes so much sense now.

Basically the answer is this: the Left needs to grow the fuck up. 5/5

iPhone : they react either by screaming insults or just repeating their own experience as if this in some way provides a refutation of everyone else’s.
This is exactly how young toddlers behave. They can’t grasp the idea that they don’t control all the people and the world around them 4/

iPhone : Boris, the lockdown, BLM or anything else, they find it impossible to grasp the concept that OTHER people may have different opinions or experiences of those things that are equally true and as valid as theirs.
When faced with someone pointing out a difference of opinion 3/

iPhone : don’t engage with people who think differently from them on a typical day, as the rest of us do.
This has led many of them to believe that what THEY think, feel or experience about something is what EVERYONE thinks, feels or experiences about that thing.
So whether it’s Brexit 2/

iPhone : I’ve just had an epiphany that explains why so many people on the Left behave like stroppy toddlers. It all makes so much sense now.
The Left largely live in echo chambers - on social media, the news they consume, their jobs (largely public sector or woke media) - so they 1/

iPhone : Hope Tarot Daily Now go back and read Jim’s first tweet, the one I retweeted. Where does anyone claim that *everyone* including YOU has been enjoying it? Why do you find the concept of OTHER people not having the same experience as you so difficult to grasp? Look at the polling on this stuff.

iPhone : FAVOUR: If you live in Britain and usually work in an office at least some of the time, please could you fill in this v quick survey? Trying to get a snapshot of attitudes towards office vs home working. And pls share. Thanks so much! Tom @ The Economist forms.gle/n7R5Vt3hvohSAB…

iPhone : James Felton I was answering your next tweet rather than the tweet about your family loss before it but yes, I can see why that would appear callous. I am of course sorry for your loss and appreciate the added hurt of not being able to say goodbye.