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Bio Father, husband, Texan. He/Him/Él. Former Sec. of HUD, Mayor of San Antonio. Instagram: juliancastrotx Email: info@julianforthefuture.com
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iPhone : I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for a conversation with Julián Castro and some of our incredible endorsed candidates. We’ll discuss how elected officials must work to end police brutality and the systemic racism that pervades our criminal justice system. ewar.ren/0731_Series

iPhone : Donald Trump got his start in housing development by being sued by the federal government for racial discrimination.

It’s no surprise he’s targeting fair housing for his own political gain.

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iPhone : This pandemic has put a bright light on the disparities that have plagued our nation for too long. We’ve got to make sure these communities get the help they need now — and root out the systemic racism that created these inequalities in the first place. washingtonpost.com/health/2020/07…

iPhone : 🚨 REUNION ALERT 🚨 Join Julián Castro and me TOMORROW at 6:30pm ET/5:30pm CT for an IG Live! We’ll reminisce about the campaign, talk about it’s continued relevance in this moment, and answer questions like why did he only just now follow me on IG? Tune in at juliancastrotx!

iPhone : On his way to the White House, President Trump rallied supporters with his signature promise of a wall along the US-Mexico border. One year after a mass shooting in El Paso, I went back to my hometown to tell a story centered on a bridge. bit.ly/2PdU4mX

iPhone : Rent is due today for millions of Americans who are out of work.

Increased unemployment has expired and nothing is preventing them from being evicted.

Joe Biden is calling on Congress to act. Donald Trump is playing golf. politico.com/news/2020/08/0…

iPhone : America had a dire affordable housing crisis before COVID-19.

To avoid homelessness, people are doubling up, staying on couches or floors, or sleeping in their cars. Now America’s housing insecure are among the most vulnerable to getting sick. nyti.ms/31baGBs

iPhone : NEW from me in @BusinessInsider: how Joaquin Castro's refreshing bid to lead the House Foreign Affairs Committee is already shaking up decades of Democratic foreign policy. Here's what it could mean for 2021 and beyond: businessinsider.com/joaquin-castro…

iPhone : "I believe that @MJHegar can help us get to a nation where everybody has good health care, where every child gets a good education, where people have safe, decent, affordable housing, and where we have integrity again in Washington, D.C." -- Julián Castro

iPhone : .Joaquin Castro is running to lead the House Foreign Affairs Committee -- and his campaign is the best opportunity in a generation for Congress to modernize and humanize America's frayed international relations.

Story coming from me in Business Insider this weekend!

iPhone : Donald Trump knows he’s losing the suburbs to Joe Biden.

So he’s desperately trying to stoke fear and and resentment among white suburbanites against people of color by attacking equal housing opportunity. housingwire.com/articles/julia…