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iPhone : Kenyan scientist Muthoni Masinde created an app that is combining weather station data with the traditional knowledge of African farmers to predict droughts
Read more ➡️ cnn.it/2XbnUgS

iPhone : nobody:

2020 coming in with something new every month:

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Android : Ndi Kato Fuck that Chancellor and her, “Be careful where you visit.” bullshit. She was in a Church. Partriarchal Princesses cannot even uphold their own standards.

Cheap Bots, Done Quick! : To give your copy a pleasing structure, close the circle by restating the opening theme at the end.

Hootsuite Inc. : Back to work?
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iPhone : Crowd have taken a knee and chanting Geroge Floyds name.
#GeorgeFloydProtests #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatterUK

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Twitter Web App : This problem is compounded when those friends are generally toxic because of their tendencies to complain, whine, criticize, waste valuable time, and drag others to their level (as a means to justify their own stupidities).