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Twitter Web App : 【 サービス開発部の4人をご紹介します 】

Twitter Web App : Aunque estoy de acuerdo en que con una cuarentena obligatoria tan larga, con militares y todo, esperarías ver un descenso, especialmente porque el sistema de salud todavía da abasto.

Twitter Web App : Qué chuchas es "el pico"? El punto con mayor número de contagios puede ser un shock aleatorio, un ajuste de datos, un brote de infecciones colectivas, etc. No hay un pico como que fuera el paso del ojo del huracán. La curva no necesariamente es simétrica con un solo máximo local. twitter.com/miguelm_barrio…

Twitter Web App : Victoria Ramírez Carlos Araujo De acuerdo. Considero importante evaluar no solo si existe una cuarentena, pero también la forma en que se está haciendo, si eso está impidiendo el aplanamiento y si hay algo que se puede mejorar.

Twitter Web App : Victoria Ramírez Carlos Araujo Aunque concuerdo con que lo que importa es lo que hubiera pasado sin cuarentena, difiero en que las curvas siguen subiendo en todos los países. Yo vivo en Japón y la curva de aplanó a las tres semanas de cuarentena no obligatoria.

Twitter Web App : A few katakana words Ive recently seen mistranslated.
フォロー (often cover for rather than follow)
スタイル (often figure rather than style)
カメラマン (often photographer rather than cameraman)
カンニング (cheating rather than cunning)
#Japanese #amtranslating

Twitter Web App : 1 of 6: Redfin’s seasonally adjusted home-buying demand is now 16.5% above pre-pandemic levels. Of the listings that accepted an offer last week, 45% had been on the market less than two weeks. At least for housing demand, this is the definition of a V-shaped recovery.

Twitter Web App : By most metrics, Japan has weathered the global pandemic better than many other countries. But it hasn’t always felt like success at St. Marianna University Hospital. Inside Japans last-chance hospital for the coronavirus: reut.rs/2ZrQegk by Mari Saito

Twitter Web App : Chigasaki-shi is the number 5 of Business Insider's small cities to move to in the world in 2020!!

Twitter Web App : Got these for free with Nintendo points, paid ¥500 for the shipping. Economist doesnt mean youre good at using money.

Twitter Web App : ⚡️ pytest.org I'm working on a statistics library, so our main priorities regarding perf are speed and memory. We'd like to automate profiling to make sure changes don't make perf worse. Any suggestion regarding memory profiling tests?

Twitter Web App : Andrés Javier López I have algorithms A and B and know for sure that B is faster, but after benchmarking I found that this wasn't the case. After checking the code I found I was performing one operation more than necessary. I definitely wouldn't find out with unit tests only.

Twitter Web App : So I found a bug in an algorithm by... pytest-benchmark-ing it? Do people often write automated profiling tests besides the usual unit ones?