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iPhone : I’m assuming the Corgi was a she because I’ve only ever known girl Corgis. Do they even make boy Corgis?

iPhone : There was just a wild escaped Corgi running up and down the sidewalk always a step ahead of her person, so I crouched down and she ran and JUMPED into my arms!
And just like that an ok day became spectacular!

iPhone : You know things have taken a dark turn when you wake up on Sunday with that steamrolled feeling of existential dread you usually only reserve for Mondays.

iPhone : Radio’s on, singing along to “Like a Virgin” when 13 shouts from the kitchen “YOU WISH!” Is there any right way to answer that...

iPhone : Whenever I see the words "horse-drawn carriage" I wonder if the horse's artistic output was limited to means of transportation, or he also did cartoons.