Bio I’m now a Twitch affiliate! Used to be a catholic but I committed apostasy and now I’m a Sufi who loves everyone, and I have a cat as a best friend.
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iPhone : The issue is, I am newly unemployed (which is what pushed me to start streaming in the first place last month) so buying a top of the range PC isn’t an option. But I REALLY want to be able to do more. Any ideas? Maybe a refurb? Some tech people, plz give advice!

iPhone : The issue with me streaming is, my laptop just isn’t good with ANYTHING. I’m definitely asking too much from a 4GB ram laptop. It has a lot of memory to have games but not enough speed to run it. I’ve downloaded cooking simulator and it’s been stuck on this screen for 10 mins 🥲

iPhone : Was it me who was meant to wake up early to go do the shopping and clean the house but actually woke up at 11? Yes, yes it was me.

iPhone : A life of a maw doesn’t stop... even when live. Introducing my very first angry rant on twitch.

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iPhone : I had to add this again, with dramatically sad music for emotional effect 🤣

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iPhone : I feel like if I’m going to read any more funny short stories, I should do it in the style of ASMR. Especially Limmy’s extremely violent ones. I think it would be very interesting and creepy reading out a story about three wee guys, but whispering it. 😅

iPhone : Sad, heartbreaking story tonight - “Radiator” by Limmy “Daft wee stories”. Powerful message - always have a pot ready.

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Streamlabs Twitter : Some DAFT WEE STORIES and chatting :) Come join me! twitch.tv/kareemabareema

iPhone : I shall be streaming tonight, around 8pm - I’ll be reading some DAFT WEE STORIES, anddddd sort of... trying my best to be dramatic doing it. Twitch.tv/kareemabareema