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Bio Librarian, author, semiprofessional alligator wrestler. He/him.
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Twitter Web App : The Rude Pundit The GOP scary fantasy version of the Dems sound awesome. I wish we had them instead of the timid centrists and republican-in-all-but-name Dems that live in reality.

Twitter Web App : Parker Molloy You hire an avowed white supremacist to use explosives to carve the faces of white colonizers into it, this desecrating land sacred to the native tribes.

Twitter Web App : The Rude Pundit The Federalists suggested that the constitution should be scrapped periodically and completely rewritten to reflect changing times and attitudes; Jefferson went further and said this should be done every 20 years, just as a matter of good governance.

Twitter Web App : Ah yes, both sides:

Dems: We should pay everyone to stay home, thus saving lives and the economy. Wear a mask if you absolutely must go out.

GOP: living is socialism! Sacrifice your kids and grannies to the one true god, Dow Jones!…

Twitter Web App : Amber Alexander This sounds awesome just from what little you've said. Here's some more juju/good vibes to your goal! 🔥🌊🍃🪱⭐️