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Twitter Web App : Chekov, of course, and Sulu.

Yes, it's definitely a bizarro world. The GOP was extremist and without any regard from humanity, but to blindly follow a deranged theft, child and tyrant-lover... twitter.com/Robertsixto2/s…

Twitter Web App : John D. Pieratt I only refer to the polls. He won only 50.0% of the vote in a special election in 2017, running against a pedophile.

Yes, I'm happy to see GOP candidates slugging it out, as t in the GA Special Senate election. The current Senator, Loeffler, is expected not to make the runoff.

Twitter Web App : lush1786 You mean the 25h Amendment?

That would create President Pence.

If it were even possible. It would take a majority of the very corrupt Cabinet and 2/3's of both Houses.

Twitter Web App : Adam Parkhomenko Emoluments Clause A strongly leaking #COVID19 infested cruise ship for the GOP convention ?

Someone wants to start a crowdfunding to make that happen ?

A shell corporation in Liberia to protect from responsability is a nice complement (DJT knows that !)

Twitter Web App : Obviously, it depends on us getting out the vote, and overcoming GOP voter suppression and election machine manipulation.

Biden's choice of a VP may also help a great deal.

Twitter Web App : Yes, we normally don't think of Georgia as a swing state - and Biden is doing well in all the swing states - but it has a large urban/suburban population and a large black one. In 2018, we had one suburban House district swing, and another almost did (GA06, GA07). twitter.com/ReturnOfThJabb…

Twitter Web App : Emoluments Clause Insider Dear Snowflakes - if your O2 sats is so precarious to be compromised by a mask, you'd need a portable 02 concentrator or 02 tank on wheels for normal breathing. So, politely bugger off.

Twitter Web Client : Mark Cuban SLAMS Trump on playing victim: The dems are out to get me. The media is out to get me... He’s supposed to be the world’s best counter puncher and he hasn’t knocked anybody out. He just plays the VICTIM.

Are MASKS out to get Trump too?

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Twitter Web Client : Video catches woman in Central Park falsely reporting ‘an African-American man threatening my life’.

Voting tRump out in 2020 is our first step available in ending racism like this. If you’re not a white Supremacist, life under tRump sucks.

#FreshTweets rawstory.com/2020/05/video-…