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iPhone : My mom turned my laptop off during a game of Civ. twitter.com/gameonysus/sta…

iPhone : NBA Twitter is trash. KD (top 15-20 all-time) is allowed to surpass guys like Larry Bird while winning FMVP on teams where he's not even the main focus of the defense, and they'll say a guy like Jim Harden can leapfrog Kobe with only one championship. Stop lowering the bar

iPhone : You could make the case—and the numbers are there—that Dwyane Wade was the best player in basketball starting from the 08 Olympics and for the next two seasons twitter.com/courtsidefilms…

iPhone : I have meek blocked and his attention seeking corniness still finds it's way back to me.

iPhone : No one remembers a fucking GW against the hornets stop it. twitter.com/bleacherreport…

iPhone : anonymous wasn't lying and it will be a major inconvenience to celebrity obsessed humans when it is exposed just how much of the industry is wrapped up in trafficking. I cannot wait. twitter.com/standingRock6/…