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Yoweri K Museveni

Bio President of the Republic of Uganda
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Twitter Web App : अद्य संस्कृतदिवसे ये संस्कृतभाषां पठन्ति तथा च जनेषु तस्याः प्रचारार्थं प्रयासं कुर्वन्ति तान् सर्वान् प्रणमामि। संस्कृतभाषा सुन्दरी भाषा अस्ति किञ्च सहस्रशः वर्षेभ्यः अस्माकं श्रेष्ठायाः संस्कृत्याः भागभूता अस्ति। आगामिषु वर्षेषु संस्कृतभाषायाः लोकप्रियता नितराम् अभिवर्धताम्।

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Android : As a nation we took #COVID19 prevention measures early on & did well collectively. Starting early may have led some to prevention fatigue, yet we are now witnessing a rapid spread that warrants we confront complacency. Wash your hands. Wear your masks. Keep your distance!

Android : How confused can a leader be!! Being supported by or seeking support from the opposition in an internal contest is a new low.😢😢 twitter.com/daudikabanda/s…

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iPhone : .Fred Enanga: Police and other security agencies have enhanced patrols to track down criminals for apprehension. During the week, Police recovered 06 guns and 510 ammunitions from robbers, kidnappers and others were hidden by suspected criminals. #Covid_19Ug

Android : On this #HeroesDay,we salute our frontline health workers,the National & District Taskforces, and all other Ugandans, playing their rightful roles at their various places of duty & responsibility, to fight and combat #COVID19UG. Together, we will defeat this pandemic. #StaySafeUG

Twitter Web App : Nimesikitishwa na kifo cha Mzee wetu Benjamin Mkapa (Rais Mstaafu wa Awamu ya 3). Nitamkumbuka kwa mapenzi yake makubwa kwa Taifa, ucha Mungu, uchapakazi na utendaji wake katika kujenga uchumi. Hakika Taifa limepoteza nguzo imara. Mungu aiweke roho yake mahali pema peponi, Amina.

Android : Thank u #AmberHeartFoundation , Kachaina Valentine , Jimmy Oluka, Timothy Martin Kimbugwe and Pegasus Technologies for Putting A smile on Razor Blade’s Face.
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