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Android : Even old Nintendo commercials tried to warn us about the Super Smash Bros. community.

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Android : I know people who would cry years if joy over those products.

But yeah, keep throwing food out to own Trump I guess. twitter.com/joncoopertweet…

Android : "Virus Chino"
-Ya está trillado
-Políticamente incorrecto

"Asma Mao"
-Transmite carisma
-Tiene profundidad histórica
-Hace que los comunistas se molesten

Android : When the left make a meme

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Android : Still no adsl but water is back.

Since I can't finish a post for my website guess I'll just clean the house tonight.

Android : I really hope they keep their word and restore adsl to this street tomorrow, it really was working just fine till they arrived to replace a 'cable that got wet'.

Got a buncha stuff to do and now I'm once again behind schedule, mobile data is spotty here and it only goes so far. twitter.com/KalebPrime/sta…

Android : You are protected by being a wealthy public official. You won't go jobless because someone saw you cracking your knuckles and thought you were making the 👌 sign. You'll always have lawyers and legions of people willing to stand up for you, as well as book and publicity deals. twitter.com/AOC/status/128…

Android : *Gets doxed*
*Gets fired*
*Gets banned*
*Gets deplatformed*
Cancelled twitter.com/AOC/status/128…

Android : Real cake hours.

It was a very simple birthday, but I am thankful to God that we have food, a roof, and most importantly, we are together.

The world is so bleak right now so times like this mean everything to me. I really missed my mom today though...

Twitter Web App : Kab I'm so sorry to hear that man, my condolences to you and your brother.

I know it doesn't mean much right now but at least she's no longer suffering. You did everything you could and she knows you took good care of her, keep that head up.

Twitter Web App : Got word from the docs and everyone at the hospital that she passed away a few minutes ago.