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Twitter Web App : To: ~
ノック! ノック!
it’s Death’s #1 Messenger, Matsuro Meru & best crob, Muni here for your delivery! 📬🖤

✎〖Art/ファンメール〗⤑ #FanMeru
✄〖Emoji〗⤑ 💌
✐〖Mama〗⤑ Kane

Please sign here to die ^^
Love, Meruru~ 🖤📮

#Tsunderia #TsunQuest

Twitter Web App : Fanart of @kaneblob ‘s dragon girl oc as a birthday gift! 🍰 🐉 Happy birthday!! 🥳

I haven’t been able to draw her since 2018, but finally had the time to be able to draw her again this year. Hope you like it!

Twitter Web App : @ednyaroo I actually had a lot of references for that piece as it was a fairly common background so I believe this one isn't in the same level to the others?

Twitter Web App : @ednyaroo It is actually Pixiv's store but will have them remove it. And yes I will inform my followers.

Twitter Web App : @ednyaroo And of course that can't be said for this most recent BNA one as I basically took directly from Rei's image. I will be more mindful of heavily referencing/plagiarizing vs being inspired.

Twitter Web App : @ednyaroo No I understand my actions caused a lot dismay and I misguided others by making it seem like all my work's ideas were my own. At points of collecting some references, I ended up believing it was enough to claim it my own work but I ended up still only referencing one source.

Twitter Web App : @ednyaroo I wanted to address the issue with Rei and the Pixiv team first in private. I deleted the post as it was gaining likes and follows that were not rightfully gained.

Twitter Web App : @ednyaroo No, not bashed or traced, but it was copied to achieve a similar shape and effect.

Twitter Web App : @ednyaroo They’re not bashed but yes very heavily inspired in terms of object/setting and color. I have given referenced to Rella in some prior posts but I should have given credit to her for all of the ones I used as reference.

Twitter Web App : @ednyaroo It was irresponsible on my part to think it was okay to simply take parts of another artists work and try to edit it with other photos in an attempt to get a similar photo bashing attempt and I apologize to Rei for trying to profit off her work.

Twitter Web App : @ednyaroo Hi yes I was contacted by another artist and currently messaging Rei as well as Pixiv to get it removed.

Twitter Web App : Liv Hopefully soon !! Im making a bird hat too and I was planning on making it part of the bird plush kickstarter

Twitter Web App : Two first class designs for my #VinaFantasia visdev project, a fantasy RPG world that takes inspirations from Viet folklore and cultures! 🇻🇳⚔️

Twitter Web App : suo 🐌 My sis (12) has insanely bad acne..all over her face and back that her back is always dry and cracking _(:3/ I used to get acne on my back but I guess I grew out of that but now it's all over my chin. I do use antibiotic and other oral creams night and morning ;__;) sorta helped

Twitter Web App : Chiro🐟 From a convenience standpoint too, why would you want people to track their dirty ass shoes in your house? It only takes a little for each person to take off their shoes but then it’s all on you to clean up every persons mess. 💀