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Bio Founder and Executive Director of The Modern Classrooms Project @modernclassproj, 2018 DC Classroom Innovation Winner, Former HS Math Teacher
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iPhone : Looking for ideas. What tools/resources/programs/articles are people using to strengthen students’ executive functioning skills? Would really like to hear your thoughts!

iPhone : Misinformation is dangerous. One of the reasons people aren’t equipped to decode it is because we don’t prioritize statistics in schools. In most states and school districts, statistics isn’t a requirement but Algebra 2 is. That’s worth reconsidering. npr.org/2020/05/21/860…

iPhone : So we have a choice to make. We can either wait this out and hope that we will return to traditional teaching soon, likely exacerbating the problem. Or we can seek to innovate so that the new learning environments kids return to are designed to meet their unique needs. 3/3

iPhone : Each new lesson they don’t get the opportunity to fully master confirms what they thought about themselves; that they don’t belong in a classroom. This issue is going to get worse post COVID-19. Variability in learning levels will only get wider and kids will be aware of it. 2/3

iPhone : THREAD: One of the most destructive aspects of traditional fixed-pacing instruction is it continuously reinforces students’ academic insecurities. Students who struggle in class are constantly being rushed and never feel like they get the opportunity to truly master content. 1/3