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iPhone : ANONYMOUS stan acct 🌚 JustD It seems you want to have misplaced anger issues with me, don’t misinterpret my words....

While you’re trying to find fault in “wording” not to your liking, I’m using my resources/relationships at this moment to help rebuild black businesses and help fund organizations.

iPhone : First and foremost, I hold myself accountable, and I’ll be changing how I spend my dollar moving forward.

You can’t love us during fashion week, and turn a blind eye when we are brutally being murdered by police.

Your blackness does not have an on and off switch.

iPhone : After seeing convos back-and-forth and seeing how a certain celebrity/designer is handling our issues/trauma.. I’m gonna have to put wearing his clothes on hold for a while.

If you use your voice to sell us your products, use that same voice to speak on injustices..

iPhone : Gold Goddess Thank you for sending this over, before I share can you please add a little bit more transparency and to who the funds are being distributed to. Look forward to helping the best way I can.

iPhone : I realize certain people’s misery have no bounds, been using my platform to help bring awareness…They want to critique everything.

Meanwhile their platform is silent, no plans of actions, or links to donations.

I hope your ignorance isn’t contagious... 😷 pic.twitter.com/6wM40hHhsl