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iPhone : Planning a visit this weekend? Please don’t come or collect with a crowd. In an effort to save lives & #FlattenTheCurve only gather with your current household. For more info & for visitor guidelines visit parks.ca.gov. #RecreateResponsibly #YourActionsSaveLives

iPhone : Absolutely heartbreaking. Summer Taylor was only 24-years-old, peacefully protesting for Black Lives Matter when they were struck by a car. Thinking of their family during this difficult time and everyone in the movement today.

iPhone : Wearing masks, maintaining social distance and in general caring for the other person's health is pro life. Not doing so is saying that even these small measures are too inconvenient for you. And that their lives are not worth the effort. Are you pro life? Then #WearAMask.

iPhone : Coronavirus doesn’t take holidays off. This weekend please wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands. It can save your life, the lives of the people you love, and complete strangers.

iPhone : too many of us see the gospel as a story from the past and fail to see what it’s meant to mean for us here and now

Oscar Romero helped me with this:

“Christ is now in history. Christ is in the womb of the people. Christ is now bringing about the new heavens and the new earth.”

iPhone : “Mama”

Many voices and prayers have gone into this image.

We will be donating 100% of the profits of this icon to local St. Louis BLM organizations.