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Android : Evo Morales has now tested negative for Covid19 and is recovering from the symptoms. He made the announcement today at a press conference with the Doctors that have been treating him.

Twitter Web App : Los Kjarkas performing Bolivia (November 11, 2020) youtu.be/pW43NAB1Puw

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iPhone : We must decolonize the entire state structure: Segundina Flores, leader of the Bartolinas on Day of the Plurinational State of Bolivia

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Twitter Web App : An offering ritual to the Pachamama takes place at the Casa Grande Del Pueblo on Day of the Plurnational State, honoring leaders and martyrs of the liberation of peoples, including indigenous leader Felipe El Mallku Quispe who transcended this week.

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Twitter Web App : Today is the 12th anniversary of the Plurinational State of Bolivia

To construct a just and harmonious society, built on decolonization, without discrimination or exploitation, with full social justice, in order to strengthen the Pluri-National identities. (2009 Constitution)

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Android : "Our brother Mallku hasn't died. He's transcended, he's become eternal and returned to our mother earth to continue being a seed, to continue iluminating and feeding the struggles of our people.

Until always, my big brother"

Android : His family have confirmed his death but say that initial media reports are mistaken. He did not die of Covid19, he suffered a cardiac arrest earlier today.

Android : Quispe led the national campesino union and the indigenous guerrilla unit known as the Tupac Katari Liberation Army. He later became a History Professor at the Public University of El Alto (UPEA).

Android : Despite internal disputes, El Mallku is widely recognised, across the board, as one of the most important indigenous leaders in Bolivia, particularly for Aymara communities in La Paz. Hes a general of the peoples struggle.

Android : El Mallku fought alongside Evo Morales during the years of struggle against the neocolonial state and the US military presence. Though, he later split and became a harsh critic of the mestizo/white Marxist intellectuals within the MAS.

Android : Historic Bolivian indigenous leader Felipe Quispe El Mallku has passed away.

El Mallku led the rebellions in La Paz that overthrew neoliberalism in 2003. He also played a crucial role in fighting the US-backed Añez regime during the August general strike.

Android : President Arce announces that Bolivia will reactivate joint energy projects with Russia that were cancelled by the coup govt on orders from the US.

Android : Bolivia's President says the country has restored good relations with Russia and that he spoke to President Putin on the phone today to discuss mutually beneficial projects. twitter.com/LuchoXBolivia/…

Android : Israels zionist regime must be brought to trial for its crimes against civilians, women and children, says Bolivias Vicepresident David Choquehuanca

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Android : Bolivias govt has released a Covid app called Bolivia Segura with info such as; where your nearest hospital is, how to prepare traditional ancestral medicine and the prices of pharmaceuticals (to stop private pharmacies from speculating).