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iPhone : I believe in "don't like, don't watch", if you don't like a show then just ignore it, it's not that hard.
Time is the one thing you can never get back, I spend it watching media that makes me happy, if you'd rather spend it spreading hate and negativity then you're wasting it twitter.com/ArtsyIntr0vert…

iPhone : A post to make you smile

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iPhone : Normalize calling your friends out. Just because they aren’t toxic to you doesn’t mean they aren’t being toxic to someone else. Check your people. It’s a hard conversation but you’re not being a good friend if you’re not trying to level up the people in your life.

iPhone : Is it wrong to not be ambitious? What if I want to come back home, at peace, to a family after a 9-5 job? These two tweets caught my attention, as they express real concerns of what some people feel. I find the responses noteworthy too.

iPhone : TW// Breonna Taylor

The body cam footage of the moments after Breonna Taylor was shot have been released. I’m begging you not to put it on the tl. We have seen and heard enough Black Death. My anxiety is through the roof rn. Please, don’t share the footage if you see it.

iPhone : you could tell me clip studio paint has a cure for 5 incurable diseases hidden in its tools and i'd believe you at this point twitter.com/clipstudiopain…

iPhone : what a great day to remember that racial/ethnic coding is a very real thing and that it is a completely valid (and common!) method of non-human character design