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Twitter Web App : David Swanson and not to beat a dead horse, but the same thing happened with 1918 flu. The face covering provided a false sense of security. Made things MUCH worse. Same here. The science says they dont work, yet politicians require them. Why? It creates false sense of security again.

Twitter Web App : David Swanson If you would like, I can pose 25+ charts to prove this is wrong. Here is AZ. Masks mandated. Cases go up. Then drop & now still higher than when mandate issued. Masks dont work. How many of these do we need?

Twitter Web App : David Swanson COMPLETELY wrong. You could not be more wrong. Just not true and that is the problem. People spreading misinformation and lies. Its wrong. Science has PROVEN masks do nothing. Period. Follow science or push for masks. Pretty simple.

Twitter Web App : David Swanson JohnnyJet USA TODAY Travel And studies prove masks dont work. But...if CDC is saying they work, then they work. And airports should be fine. You cant force people to wear them because they work then say stay out even with a mask because they dont. Shows the hypocrisy of the situation.

Twitter Web App : JohnnyJet USA TODAY Travel David Swanson But masks are required to enter the airport. And masks allegedly work (though proven not to). So we should assume all TSA infections occurred outside of the airport, correct? The article doesnt say they happened at work, so likely outside. If thats the case, why stop flying?

Twitter Web App : its only Joe So you aren’t confident with

Aaron Nola
Zach Wheeler
Zach Eflin
Spencer Howard
Vince Velasquez

Seems you are right. Phils just slow walking this.

Twitter Web App : But the latest study released last week proves masks dont work. So now what? Treat it like a virus?? THAT makes sense to me.

Twitter Web App : Tyler Kaluza they honestly don't care. The thought never even crossed their minds. Seriously. That's evidenced by their complete and total lack of communication with the PIAA. The Governors office does not care about kids. at all.